So what’s it all about….

I love my camera! But find that life can easily  get in the way of spending time out shooting and honing my somewhat shaky skills. We all need motivation and a reason to get out there and  make time for the things we love doing the most, so I have set myself a couple of challenges in the hope that I will learn and improve my photography skills one shot at a time.

Project 365

I plan to take a photo a day, a kind of diary of my life in snippets! BUT…… using only the camera on my phone (Samsung galaxy S4). My phone is with me all the time and so it seems like the perfect tool to capture my journey through the next 365 days. I’m allowing myself to use the likes of Instagram & Snapseed for editing just because they are so much fun!

Project 52

It just so happens that there are 52 weekends in the year and this challenge is to make the most of each and everyone of them. A mini photo project every weekend, something to get the creative juices flowing! Last year I was lucky enough to be given a DLSR for my birthday. My beloved Canon 600d will be my weapon of choice for this project and maybe even a bit of Photoshop!

I’m told that practice makes perfect so here’s hoping…….


Click It Up A Notch   I found this fab page on Facebook called Click It Up A Notch. Its full of ideas, tips and how-to guides, and the best bit is that its all done in an easy to understand way, so you don’t need to be a jargon busting guru to make to most it:) They are encouraging the likes of me to get involved with their Project 365  and link up with others for inspiration and encouragement…..i’m gonna take all the help I can get 🙂


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